June 21-July 4, 2015
Application Deadline May 8, 2015
Limited spaces available/Rolling acceptance
Dialogue for Common Future Association proudly presents its flagship program, the Third Turkey Exchange, in partnership with Mideastwire.com. The aim of the program is to serve as a platform for its participants to observe, study, and analyze the contemporary debates in Turkey through academic, public, and various types of meetings and visits. The program will host around 20 participants from various countries.

The Turkey Exchange rests on two tracks:   

Academic - Participants will attend a series of seminars led by leading Turkish academics, journalists, businesspeople and public intellectuals. Topics will include: The Gezi Protests and social movements, AK Party and Gulen Movement conflict, Turkey and the ISIS crisis, The future of Turkey-EU and Turkey-US relations; Turkey’s role in the Middle East conflicts; Economic reform challenges now and on the horizon; Pipeline politics and Turkey’s energy role; The AK Party in domestic and regional relations; The Kurdish question; Terrorism and the PKK; Turkey’s constitution and justice system; Women in Turkey; Hydro-politics and Turkish foreign policy, among other topics.   

Dialogue with Leaders - Participants will have the opportunity to meet and engage social, political and economic leaders from across the spectrum in Turkey.       

Speakers at previous Turkey Exchanges have included:
Mustafa Akyol, Star Dailys
Prof. Talip Kucukcan, Foreign Policy Director, SETA
Cengiz Candar, Radikal Daily
Idris Kardas, Platform for Global Challenges
Hugh Pope, Turkey/Cyprus Program Director International Crisis Group
Ceyda Karan, Journalist
Bülent Kenes, PhD, Chief of Editor Today’s Zaman
Prof. Fuat Keyman, Director of Istanbul Policy Center, Sabanci University
Diba Nigar Goksel, Turkish Policy Quarterly
Idris Kardas, General Coordinator Platform for Global Challenges
Prof. Hasan Koni, Istanbul Kultur Univeristy
Oguz Demir, Istanbul Trade University, Economists Platform
Burcu Gultekin Punssman, PhD, Researcher TEPAV
Faik Tunay, Republican People’s Party MP
Oktay Vural, PhD, Vice President of Nationalistic Movement Party Group
Tariq Al Hashimi, Vice President of Iraq
Nuh Yilmaz, PhD, Marmara University, Star Daily
Zeynep Baser, TESEV
Dr. Asaad Asaad, Chairman of Support Center of Psychological and Personal Development of Syrian Refugees in Turkey


Prime Ministry, Office of Public Diplomacy
AK Party Foreign Affairs Presidency
Prime Ministry, Housing Development Administration (TOKI)
Information Technologies and Communication Agency (BTK)
Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA)
Independent Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD)
Hrant Dink Foundation
Neve Salom Synagouge
Turkish Radio Television (TRT)
Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul
Religious Affairs Presidency
Greek-Orthodox Patriarchy

Program Format:
The first nine days of the Exchange will take place at a 4 star hotel in downtown Istanbul (program opens at 6pm on June 21), although there will be several bus trips to meetings arranged outside the conference center. After that, three days of the Exchange will be spent in the capital, Ankara, where a series of meetings with political and diplomatic leaders will be convened. The final day of meetings on July 4 will be held in Istanbul at the hotel (program closes by 6pm on July 4).

* Tuition - $2,000; Early Bird Application ($1,750) applies until  March 20, 2015. The last day for applications is May 8, 2015.

* Accommodation - $845; Our group rate is $65 per night, per person for a shared double room in 4 star downtown hotels in Istanbul and Ankara with breakfast and all taxes included. Participants residing in Istanbul have the option of off-site stay during the duration of the program. The hotel will be announced to those participants enrolled in the program.

* Airfare - $400; Approximate from the European Union. First class coach travel to and from Ankara is included in the overall tuition cost.

* Optional Cultural Excursion - $300; Participants will have the option of joining us on a trip to Edirne, the historical capital of the Ottoman Empire before Istanbul, located at the intersection between Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria. The additional cost for the excursion is $300 which includes bus transportation, one hotel night stay and all meals and taxes.

To apply, visit: http://ortakgelecek.org/en/turkey-exchange/

Please address any questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it